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Change Is Good!


We have an opportunity in November to embrace a new perspective and even newer ideas.  I believe in the importance of giving back, and my efforts are focused here.  I know we can do more to ensure that people
have the desire, and the ability, to make (and keep) West Orange their home. 

My project management, negotiation, and listening skills will enable me to assume a leadership role that delivers progress.  We can do better at establishing more feedback outlets and new discussion forums needed to
facilitate transparent decision-making.  We can do better at listening to residents’ concerns, brainstorming together, and delivering collaborative solutions that work.  We can do better at assessing the current work
environment for our township employees to ensure we have created a culture of equity, fairness, and positive morale. We must to be willing to come to the table to resolve outstanding contracts. Finally, we can do
better at strategic planning to ensure that good ideas actually translate into tangible solutions.  My professional experience has prepared me for these challenges and has taught me the value of alternate perspectives
and adaptability. 

I am an independent voice with an open mind and a passion for this town.  I am prepared to put in the hard work to address West Orange’s needs, and I welcome the opportunity to serve this community as your newest Township Council member.

Paid for by Perkowski for Council, 17 Bloomfield Way, West Orange, NJ 07052
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